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I am a retired Presbyterian pastor living in Colorado. My wife, Gigi and I are married 46 years. As an ordinary guy my life has been graced by God in many ways. My wife and I have three grown children and five grandchildren. I am trying to live with Christ day to day and though I sometimes fail miserably I am not giving up because God hasn't given up on me. I volunteer in a local library and lead worship at Life Care Center nearby. I play some guitar, write music and have written a couple of devotional books that were best sellers in my local church. So journey with me in these writings and let's see what this life with Jesus is all about. I am working on a new book currently.


It is difficult for me to comprehend how humans can think to be more merciful than God with regards to the eternal destiny of each human soul. After all we are made in God’s image to love, and to forgive … Continue reading

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I know that many people say that they don’t have the maturity to speak to political issues. Well, many have had the bad fortune of being killed within the system that has its flaws, many of those flaws aided by … Continue reading

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So I am back from an hour’s walk, trying to let off steam. But it didn’t work so what I have to say must be from God (which then is hard to argue with, huh). Anyway last night I was … Continue reading

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Let’s see. So far our leader has blamed mental health, the democrats, the F.B.I, and other folks and groups I am sure, for the sorrowful tragedy in Parkland. It seems that whenever possible he deflects all blame away from himself … Continue reading

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Parkland, Florida. Wednesday February 14, 2018

Remember how Jesus took the little children into his arms and blessed them? I believe that the same eternal Jesus is holding these children whose lives were shattered by gunfire on Wednesday. The question is not as some Christians phrase … Continue reading

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I lead a men’s Bible Study at our Church in Colorado. The other night we were discussion the 23rd Psalm and how God provides for us as our shepherd. The question arose concerning places in the world where it does … Continue reading

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In the Book of Acts the religious leaders are persecuting Jesus’ disciples. In Acts 4:29 they are praying they call out to God, “Please take note of the leaders’ threats against us’. They are praying with the implicit request that … Continue reading

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